Monday, December 20, 2010

Featured: Tech slaves, aren’t we?

Giving up Facebook for lent. Banning Tweeting and checking Tweets during the Ramzan days. Don't believe us? Well, that is the face of urban reality. We are addicted to social media sites and we know it but we don't want to accept it. No wonder, increasingly, people are using religious events as an excuse to log off and cure themselves of the social media addiction. But why wait for an excuse? A dose of detoxification from excesses should always be on your agenda, isn't it? That's our new story on that tells you what a social media detox can do for you and if you need to indulge in one.

Smart phones are the other addiction. Look around and you will find almost everyone with an impressive Blackberry, iPhone or an android. But are you using yours to the fullest? What with cool apps especially designed for us women, these phones can become our best pals. For example, Lookz, the world’s first ‘made for mobile’ style advisor on Blackberry that brings makeup and trends video tutorials can help you look great anywhere. My Days, a free Android app tracks your menstrual cycle, estimating your upcoming fertile days and your periods, helping both women trying to conceive and avoid pregnancy. Check out 8 coolest smartphone apps for you and get downloading we say! And here’s the best piece of news for you: Femina is now on Blackberry. With Femina Blackberry App, you can catch the latest articles and updates on your favourite topics, all this and more at the mere touch of a button on your very own BB. DOWNLOAD NOW!

Getting intimate has assumed a whole new role too, thanks to naughty interception by technology. How else would you have a Kama Sutra audio book guiding you on through varied positions and sex tips without having you to pause the action to refer to the book? Sizzling new tricks to pep up your sex life gives you the dope on stuff you can use to pep up the action in your bedroom!

Technology has invaded our lives so much that even when we go on a holiday, we pack tonnes of gizmos to give us company. And when you are travelling alone, these gizmos can actually go a long way in providing digital comfort and killing loneliness. Not to mention the role they play in keeping you safe as you tread along alone. Read Going Solo for getting your hands on ‘travel solo and safe’ secrets of three women who also tell us why they wouldn’t trade their ‘travel alone’ trips with anything in the world. If you have ever travelled alone, tell us about your experience, right here.

We’ve got one more exciting task for you this week. If you sport a hot tattoo, take a picture of it and mail to us on We will get our beauty and fashion experts to pick the aesthetic and the steamiest best and feature you as our tattoo divas. What fun, isn’t it?

Can’t wait to hear from you…

Juhi Dua

Online Editor,

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world and life has become very techie,we would forget to even breathe if our gadgets are not update and fully functional.go to a movie and we can see mobiles swtched on at any second ,people donot realise this distracts the innocent audiences attention,makes them even loose their temper.audiences should come well prepared to be away from their gadgets atleast for the duration of the movie,concert,lectures etc.even when the host or guest has requested the audience to switch off their gadgets people can hear phones coming alive.owners are just not ashamed about these incidences.people are degrading themselves.this is the sorry state today.

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well it is not pure truth ..i can live without gadgets ,mobiles etc,,,i have tried it and was successful for 2 months..i spent in village ..and yes i spend more than 7 hrs daily on net and other gadgets

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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Арбузокарвинг - картинки с выставки

Invisible Problem- Global Warming

Invisible Problem- Global Warming: "Air Travel
A lot of people have been asking: How is air travel bad? I can't see any air pollution!
Well, actually, there are a lot of pollutants coming out of planes from the engines. The pollution coming out of planes are so, oh, ever so much more than cars and other public transport! Just imagine this. There are about 6,000 commercial planes flying daily. All those planes are dumping more pollutants in the atmosphere. In other words, planes are one of the biggest contributors of global warming. They burn the most fossil fuels on a daily basis. So try and reduce travel with machines and try and travel more with foot"

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Self Improvement Through Social Networking - Let's

Self Improvement Through Social Networking - Let's "1 Tip to Change Your Life
'Change your thoughts. The thoughts, images and words you replay in your mind everyday are directly related to your happiness and achievements. What the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve. Replace negative thoughts with a positive affirmation. Expect success.'
~Success Magazine"

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Garnishing with Johan - Carrots

Cooking with Johan - Zucchini Pinwheels

Cucumber Flower Garnish

napkin fold Feather


My fruit Village by Bruce Nelson

My fruit village by João Afonso


Bharti ad ...very inspiring

Blogger: Santosh's Kitchen - Manage Posts

Saturday, August 7, 2010

नया ठौर: Vinod Dua sings Ude Jab Jab Jhulfen Teri with wif...

u must enjoy with this video...
Jab Jhulfen Teri with wif...: "वरिष्ठ पत्रकार विनोद दुआ और उनकी धर्मपत्नी, शादी के एक समारोह में अपनी जुगलबंदी से मजा बांध दिया। youtube पर भी उपलब्ध है। सुनिये और आप भी ..."
Link: निये और आप भी ..."

Truth of life

Stand Up for Poverty

Campaign to stand up for poverty on Twitter

United nations millemium campaign